User's Guide

Cargo House is the Global Interactive Information-Communication System of Portals for transport and foreign trade. It enables any logistic providers - shipowners and ship's operators, exporters and importers, charterers and freight forwarders, ports and stevedoring companies, ship brokers and ship agents, etc. - to interact in every area of the world within one Transport Network.

The System is fully self-regulated by users themselves. Each user of the System creates and regulates his personal database, which consists of user's demand and supply offers, registration data, contact details, information about the company and departments. The regulation is effected from user's personal place "Main Page" and means the following operations: enter, add, update, edit, view, show, hide, delete, send, etc.

Bearing in mind the global interactions between users of the System, each user would need to agree to Cargo House universal code of conduct and ethics based on honesty and integrity. That would enable the creation of Transport Network, where each member will comply with a level of service and will be avoided from unreasonable and unreliable business.


Cargo House consists of several independent but at the same time related portals:
- "Freight exchange",
- "Services to ships in ports",
- "Stevedoring and warehousing",
- "Overland carriages"(under construction).

All portals have similar structure and function the same way.
After registration the user receives password which allows him to access and work in one or several portals.
Cargo House is multi-user system: the whole staff of one company including its departments and branch offices can work here separately at the same time.


Each portal of the System has its own marketplace of demand and supply, where users place their offers and find counters for them:
- "Freight Exchange" with marketplace of free tonnage and cargoes.
- "Services to ships in ports" with marketplace of attended ships and agency enquiries.
- "Stevedoring & Warehousing" with marketplace of stevedoring offers and enquiries.
- "Overland carriages" with marketplace of inland transport offers and enquiries.

All together they form common marketplace, which enables each logistic provider fast and exact elaboration of freight movement and receipt of costs and conditions of moving cargo along separate route chains or of whole door-to-door carriage, to find a sub-contractor or a partner for collaboration.

Each marketplace is supplemented with information and communication services.


Cargo House provides its users with the wide range of guides and directories, which make user's work comfortable and fast:
- "Freight rates"
- "Cargo Handling Costs"
- "Port Dues"
- "Ports"
- "All Ships"
- "Companies"
- "Foreign Goods"

All guides and directories are presented non-traditionally. They function by through technology in the real time and accompany the user along all steps of the work into the System.


All communication services of Cargo House are based on User-to-User connection. Similar to information services they accompany the user along all steps of the work into the System and make business fast and comfortable.

- E-mailing via:
- ordinary user's mail program;
- Cargo House mail program, which generate offers automatically and send them to any address from user's address book.

-on-line written corresponding;
-on-line voice communication;
-on-line combined written/voice communication.

Cargo House provide its users with additional programs:
- Notifier003 - wherever the user is on-line (in Cargo House, on the other Internet Pages, receives or sends e-mail etc) this program will announce, that this user is called for negotiations into Cargo House.
- Notifier03b - program for supporting voice communication.


Bearing in mind the whole complex of functions and services provided by Cargo House any "Help" or "Manual" will be exhausting and insufficient for the user. Therefore, before payment Cargo House operators will conduct on-line training course with you individually. They will show you how to manage and use all potentiality of the System that gives you considerable advantages against your competitors at the world market.

You are welcome to Cargo House, which was planned, designed and built as advanced system technology for your effective work and benefit.