Technical requirements to your computer

The observation of these requirements will make your work in Cargo House very comfortable. Though they are only recommended, we would advise you to follow them in order all Cargo House tools function properly. Thus you avoid any errors or distortions, which would cause inconvenience not only for you, but also for the user, who interacts with you inside the System.

CPUPentium class or higher
BrowserMS Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
Screen resolution800 x 600 or higher
Color256 colors or higher
Internet connection28800 bit/sec and higher

Besides the following settings should be effected:
-Cookies (obligatory)
-Java script (recommended)
-Java applets (recommended)
-Images (recommended)

More details on these settings you can read in "Help" topics of your browser or just consult with your IT specialists.

For voice communication:

Operating SystemWindows 95/98 or higher, installed DirectX
Full Duplex Sound CardAny type.
Headphones with microphoneAny type. Warning: using speakers instead of or besides headphones can lead to undesirable echo effect
Internet connection 33600 bit/sec and higher
Real IP address (without firewall or proxy)
Leased line is recommended

If you have any difficulties or questions, contact us and our specialists will be pleased to assist you!