1. General principles of conduct.
  Honesty and fairness, politeness and respect to other members as well as readiness for mutual help and support should be the base of your business conduct in Cargo House.
2. Information placement & update.
2.1 All forms in Cargo House should be completed accurately and contain only the actual data. Offers and enquiries, that are not actual anymore (fixed vessels/cargoes, invalid stevedoring offers etc.) should be removed from the market in due time.
2.2 Any information that you provide in Cargo House should represent the reality and when some details are changed, you should update this information in Cargo House accordingly.
2.3 The information update that will be required from you automatically:
  • your working days and time (once a month)
  • your contact details (once 3 months)
  • your company profile (once 6 months).
3. Inquiries of Administration should be replied without any delays in due time. You should not ignore the inquiries of other members and response them as soon as possible.
4. Reference to Cargo House should be made obligatory when you contact another member outside .
5. Access to Cargo House (limitations & cancelling).
5.1 You log off automatically, when no actions are made during 15 minutes.
5.2 For the time when no offers are placed by you in Cargo House:
  • you will not have a permission to the marketplace and other services of Cargo House;
  • other members will not see your contact details, your company profile as well as other information about you.
5.3 Your access may be cancelled on the ground of:
  • multiple claims of other members, that you do not response their inquiries or provide false information in Cargo House;
  • breaking any item of the current rules.
6. You take direct responsibility for all actions made in Cargo House under your login and password.