Cargo House. Demonstration

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Ascertain first that you know and have all that is required.

Minimum requirements for your computer

Operating System:Windows 95/98
Screen Resolution:*neither more nor less than 800x600
Colors:High Color (16bit)
CPU:Intel Pentium 166MHz
Sound card:available
Speakers or headphones:available
* If screen resolution is other then 800x600, please change it before demonstration.
To do it just click the right mouse button at the clean desktop place, select Properties and then select the last tab.


Click on ch-demo-en.exe (see below), than in appeared window select "Save this program to disk" and press "Ok". In next window select folder for saving and press "Save".
For viewing the demonstration find saved file ch-demo-en.exe and run it.


We recommend to play movie in FULL SCREEN.

Using following keys you can:
Alt+Enter- change viewing mode to/from FULL SCREEN
period key (.)- STOP playing the movie and set it to the beginning
Spacebar- START/PAUSE playing the movie

If you face some difficulties, please consult with any person from your IT staff or contact us.

If all above is observed, please click ch-demo-en.exe (6.333.196 bytes).